Increase member massage. technology

Almost every modern person wants to enlarge their penis. This will not surprise anyone at all, because every young man wants to look decent in the eyes of his partner. Even when the penis size is impressive, the extra centimeters will not be superfluous.

Nowadays, there are many different creams, ointments and pills that can guarantee your penis enlargement, but many of them are just "virtual" and may even cause erection problems. In order to prevent this, it is recommended to pay attention to the method of massaging the penis enlargement.

The advantages and disadvantages of massaging penis enlargement

How to enlarge the penis with massage

When asking how to use special massage to enlarge the penis, most men don't particularly want its effect. However, usually, they will soon realize their mistakes, because the correct penis enlargement massage technique can show the effect in the shortest time.

In addition to increasing the size of the penis, massage techniques also have many other advantages:

  • Penis massage can be done at home;
  • Enlarging reproductive organs through massage does not require any financial investment;
  • By massaging the penis, you can not only adjust the size of the penis, but also have a beneficial effect on your sexual function.
  • If you strictly follow the correct massage method, then these actions are absolutely safe for men's health.

At the same time, in addition to the advantages, there is another obvious disadvantage of penis enlargement massage-low efficiency. Depending on the type of penis enlargement technique, its length can only be changed by one to two centimeters.

Get ready for massage

It’s worth noting that you need to spend some time preparing before you want to know how to massage penis enlargement correctly.

Interesting moment!The most important thing to remember is to be happy. You should not start massage exercises under tension or tension.

How to prepare for penis enlargement massage

Before starting the massage, it is recommended to take a hot bath and then wipe the groin area with a dry towel. Make sure no one is distracted during the massage. In order to relax you completely, it is recommended that you play relaxing music.

Initially, the sex organs should be in a state of excitement. To do this, you need to grab your head and squeeze hard, but at the same time calculate the strength to avoid discomfort or pain. Then, the penis needs to be stretched in different directions. This should be done very carefully until discomfort appears. You need to adapt to this state. When the pain is relieved, you can stretch your penis a bit more.

After completing the above steps, you can start performing the pre-selected penis enlargement technique.

It is worth noting that, in order to achieve the desired effect of the massage without affecting the health of the man, the massage should be started when the erection does not exceed 70%. Massage is strictly prohibited when you have a full erection. This is due to the fact that due to manual exposure to the penis, there is a sufficiently large amount of blood flowing to the penis. And in this case, discomfort and soreness increase.

Self massage for penis enlargement

In addition to the question of whether it is possible to enlarge the penis through massage, men are always interested in how to do this without investing money. Self-massage is one of the most popular and cheapest types of wipes that can be performed at home without the help of others. It only takes a few minutes to complete, so a daily massage is recommended.

Self-massage to increase penis

First, soak a small piece of soft cloth (towel) in warm water, and then wrap it around the penis for a few minutes (two to three minutes is enough). This will promote blood flow to the genitals. Next, gently wipe the penis with a dry towel.

Important!By the way, using a special cream will help significantly accelerate the growth of the penis.

Then do the following:

  1. The relaxed genital organs are firmly clamped with your right hand and pulled away from you. The action should last for a few minutes and gradually increase the tightness. Rest for a few minutes.
  2. Clench the fists of the penis and perform circular massage exercises. This action was performed twenty times.
  3. The member clenches his fists and points to the right, left, down and up. There is a little respite.
  4. The total length of the penis is crumpled (at least ten times).

After reading the information received, you now know how to increase the number of members through massage at home.

Thai massage

Thai penis massage is very popular today. In order to perform this operation in accordance with all the rules, it is recommended that you seek help from your girlfriend (performed at home) or a specialized massage parlor.

With this technology, you can not only change the size of your penis, but you can also affect the fact that the number of orgasms experienced will be greatly increased, and erections will also increase.

Thai cock expansion massage

Before starting a massage for penis enlargement using this technique, it is recommended to massage the neck, shoulders, chest, and legs to slightly heat the man. Then, enter the buttocks and massage them slowly with force. It is recommended to slide the fingers along the man’s anus. To touch the ovaries, here, you need to be very careful, because this will bring a lot of pain to men.

Next, the man should pose in a doggy style, and the woman should start stroking her cock from the head.

Other popular massage techniques

Many young people want to know how to enlarge their penis through massage, but no one considers the fact that they still need to choose the right technique. First, you need to consider which massage is right for you. In this case, you cannot live without experimentation.

The following is the most effective technique for this massage:

  • Dry method.This technology does not require lubrication at home. Hold the penis at the bottom with your thumb and index finger, then pull it down strongly and pull it out. All exercises are carried out very slowly.
  • Road.Of course, every man who is interested in how to enlarge his penis through massage at least once has heard of this technique. The essence is as follows-pinch the head of the penis tightly with your fingers and constantly monitor the pressure level. Then, pull the penis from the bottom to the right and up to the left.

After being familiar with all the above methods, you now know very well how to massage penis enlargement.